Friday, November 13, 2009

A Simple Truth

I sit here today and am confident in who I am and what I believe. I believe in God and I trust Him with all my mind, heart and soul. When I talk to people, sometimes they tell me how hard it is to put their trust in God. Their life is in turmoil and they begin to wonder if there really is a God. They wonder is He REALLY listening? They want to believe in Him, but they find it hard to do.

I believe the more we trust in God, the more He will reward us and reveal Himself to us. But if we constantly doubt Him and question Him, we are stunting our spiritual growth. He wants us to have free will and believe in Him. However, He does not want to prove Himself or surprise us with a revelation to show us that we are wrong. He wants us to BELIEVE. It is my philosophy if you want to see God change your life, then you must first trust Him to move in your life. :) Pretty simple actually.

Many people gauge their faith by the prayers they say. Even when our prayers do not turn out like we planned, God still wants to see if we will trust Him. He is waiting for the right time to answer those prayers in attempt to help us grow in our faith.

God has His set of plans and we have ours and more than likely, they are very different. Just because God does not answer your prayers right away (or ever), does not mean He does not exist. It simply means He has a better plan and we must still believe and trust in His plan for our life.

Most of us like to control every situation but if we want God to have complete control over our life, we must let go and trust Him completely. When we truly trust the Lord with all our hearts, we finally give Him the consent and liberty to minister to us without us getting in His way.

God wants to give you a full and abundant life, but He only asks for you to believe in Him. God will then make you the person He wants you to be, a person of true faith and for me that is to be a Woman of Faith.

Be confident that He will make the right decisions for your life. :)


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