Monday, April 19, 2010

A Must Read - from Tony at Dreambodies.net

If I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times. "I Just need to lose this 20 lbs for the Wedding or Reunion."

So what happens? Well, the wedding or reunion comes and goes. Yup, maybe the 20 lbs was lost in time. But what followed was so painful and horrible that is has now left you in a cycle that is crippling you emotionally and maybe even physically. In fact, you can't even go near the mall or clothing store because you can't stomach what the mirror is reflecting back. Sure, you lost the 20 lbs. But now it returned with excess pounds--many, many extra pounds. The "diet" you tried only took you back even further in your pursuit of your dream body.

Any of this sound familiar? Fast weight loss by way of a quick diet or panacea program will always result in being worse off than when you started. Do diets work? Well, yes, maybe for a short time. However, in the end, trust me you will regret BIG TIME what it did to your body and your metabolism.

In this post I don't want to address the physical and metabolic ways in which a diet can truly ruin your body, but instead take you deeper into the HOW and WHY the "diet mentality" will always fail you and why you may always seem to be running in circles around the same approach.

1. Undefined Values- This one is huge and it's the very foundation you build your life on. If your reason for getting into shape is to look good for some upcoming event, then what happens when the occasion is over? Where will you find your motivation then? Most do not find any reason and so they go back to where they were--only worse. You must build your vision for your dream body on true and meaningful values. Values such as: Being healthy inside and out. Looking and feeling young so that you can enjoy a long life with family and loved ones. Setting an example for those in your life who may look up to you. Ask yourself this, "What's most important to me about getting healthy and having a great body?" Then list those values. There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to look lean, hot and sexy. In fact, you SHOULD want that. But it must go deeper if it is to last a lifetime. Build your goals on values.

2. Afraid of Failure- I get this one all of the time. I sometimes will go back and forth with possible clients who tell me they tried everything else and failed. "So Tony, what makes your program any different than the rest?" We are afraid to fail and sometimes it can keep us in places of pain indefinitely. We don't want to keep making the same mistakes over and over again so we stop doing anything at all. But think about it, is the alternative working for you? No. Inactivity will always rob your dreams one day at a time until you can't even see them anymore. Lose fear for focus. Focus in your values and where you want to go and then set a plan down. Find a program or meal plan that aligns with those values and goals and give it all you got. Failure will always be a part of life but you can learn how to USE it and not be USED by it.

3. Fear of Being Judged- Many are scared that those around them will just beat them over the head with the endless comments. "Another fat loss program, huh?" ... "Are you going to fail that one like you did the last one?" ... "Why are you exercising so much, what's wrong with you?" ... "Keep eating chicken like that and you will turn into one." Well, cluck--cluck--cluck goes Tony. So what! If I can't live for my priorities, my body and my health, who will do it for me. Listen, everybody has something to say. Let it ride and roll past it. Explain your values and goals to those closest to you. Ask for their support. If they give it, great! If not, move on. Will you want to come to the end of your life with your fallen dreams built on this lame excuse?

4. Fighting Change- We are creatures of habit. Most people hate change. Change of schedule. Change of lifestyle. Change of meal planning. Yet, without change there is NO growth--period! As difficult as it may seem, change can and will bring about all that you ever wanted in life. Not only that, but the very things you feared can and WILL become habits...healthy habits. Embrace change. The key is to do it slowly and with your eyes wide open. Diets fail but lifestyle changes last forever. Think about it.

5. I Can Do it on My Own!- I'm sorry but no you can't. Well, at least not long term, especially if your goal is to be your absolute best. Even the best of the best need support, accountability and empowerment. Surround yourself with others who share the same goals and hold the same values. Hire a trainer or coach. Read books and enroll in courses which can influence and guide you into a healthy lifestyle.

Diets are temporary. Lifestyle changes that are built on growing goals and dreams lasts forever! Go get yours :)


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