Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Northern Wedding

Sandra and Dad Coutu

Sandra and Jeremy's wedding weekend was a true Northern experience. On Friday, guests were given the opportunity to partake in good food, fellowship and a plethora of laughter. It was the perfect start to the weekend. I believe anytime folks come into contact with the Coutus, they leave with new bonds formed. I imagine some of the bonds that were made, will continue long after the weekend ended. It is just how the Coutus are. Full of hospitality and fun loving.Sandra looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress . In fact, the tears did not escape me as she walked down the aisle or when she opened up her gift from Hailey Day. Nothing makes me happier then to see two people completely in love.

E & Kevin

In a nutshell Sandra is beautiful inside and out. Confident. Fun. Loving. Compassionate. Utterly amazing. I admire her and she inspires me more then she realizes. The toasts made on behalf of Sandra and Jeremy were witty and delightful, even though Mom did make it all about Kevin, the favorite one.

I believe it was the perfect wedding (short of mine and Kevin’s) and a beautiful weekend. We love spending time with our family up North. Here’s to another beautiful wedding, bride and family! Cheers!
Wise Guys
Scott & Kevin


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