Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Although my passion is to write inspirational and encouraging posts (hopefully you all feel the same way), from time to time, I do like to update you on what is going on in our personal life as well! :)


We have been extremely busy. I know, what is new. We decided it was about time to start the interior painting at the Coutu Residence. We started with our kitchen. Let me tell you it takes forever to tape and prepare than it takes to do the actual painting. The kitchen looks really nice. A HUGE difference then what it used to look like. When we had the house built, to keep our costs down, we had the builder paint the interior just one color. I believe the costs to paint each room a different color was approx. $500. Our house isn’t little, so it would have cost us more than we wanted to pay to have the builder do it for us. But now looking at our massive walls and all of our windows and all the prep work that we need to do to paint the rest of our house, we are thinking about hiring the work out. We are beyond exhausted and tired. The last thing I want to do when I get home from work is to paint or do clean up! We have other things to attend to! :) But life is good. Like I mentioned in the last post, we still both have our jobs and we are blessed beyond belief.

My spiritual, emotional and physical journey is going well. I am currently on Day 30 and going strong. Spiritually, I have learned tons. Reading the Bible in 90 days is definitely a challenge, but well worth it. The Old Testament has always been a struggle for me but this time around, I am “digging” it. As far as my emotional journey is going, WOW. I have learned A LOT about myself. Such as how I internalize a lot of things. I don’t like confrontation or conflicts so I usually don’t say anything. I have learned that I complain about very few things in my life but the few things I do complain about I REALLY need to work on! :) The physical part of my journey has been good, not great, but good. I am finally on fire with it although in all honesty, it has taken me awhile to get it together. No worries though, I know how to kick it up a notch or two and that is precisely what we have done. We started the P90X program and I must say if you want a challenge, buy the program! HOLY SCHNIKES, it will kick your fanny! :)


He is doing exceptionally well. He, of course, is ALWAYS busy. Ha, must have learned a thing or two from us. He is still in school, his last semester of school (YIPPEE) and working at Costco. His social life is insane. The young man refuses to be still for more than 15 minutes at a time. :) He definitely has grown up the last few years. Matured in more ways than I could ever describe but I must say I am very proud of him.

He recently had to make a decision about his vehicle. It is 7 years old and has well over 125,000 miles on it. To get it fixed it was going to cost him about $2500. He was on the fence about getting a new vehicle, but decided that he was going to see if he could put away a car payment each month for at least six month and if he could do that then he would be able to afford a car payment. So in six to seven months, he will be able to start looking for that new vehicle. Smart dude. :)

His choice of workouts is running! He loves it. I think it is a great stress reliever for him. Trust me he doesn’t need to lose weight, but running is good for his heart and I know he gets a lot out of running. I know he definitely can out run his lil’ ol’ Mom!


Aaah, what a little cuddle bunny he is. He is so adorable. He is now 5 months old and just a pure joy to be around. He is constantly trying to impress us and when we need a few minutes to do something by ourselves, he is more than willing to play with his toys. This Friday, we are taking him in to get micro-chipped, groomed and give him the last of his puppy shots. Does this make him officially a “dog?” I don’t think so. :) We are delighted and thrilled to have him in our family!


At 11:27 AM, Blogger April said...

Elizabeth you are a ray of sunshine! I love your positiveness and love for life. Thanks for being you :)

p.s. Boomer is 10 and she's is still my puppy ;)

At 8:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, what a WONDERFUL update of what's going on with you and your beautiful family!!! SOO glad to hear that things are going well. Hugs and kisses, love you!


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