Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Oh yeah I am ready for our Hawaiian vacation, 2 weeks and counting.

I can almost feel the warm sand between my toes. The hot sun of my face. The sound of waves crashing onto the shore. I am ready to witness the wonder of the mass ocean that stretches far beyond the eye can see.

It will be the very first time we have vacationed in Hawaii and we are beyond excited. I am ready to hear the giggles of my mother-in-law when she gets tickled over something. I am ready to walk hand in hand with the guy I am madly in love with. I am ready to take pictures until I my fingers cramp.

I am ready to go hiking, swim, lay on the beach, eat yummy and different foods, not to mention try a few new drinks.

But most of all I am ready to make memories with my wonderful Coutu family, share laughs, and capture all the moments that I possibly can. I am ready to unwind and spend time bonding, sharing, and making the most of my time without worries of work, interruptions, and certain responsibilities of everyday life.


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