Friday, November 12, 2010


Our Hawaiian trip has come and gone and it was FANTASTIC. Best vacation we have ever had. I would go back in a heartbeat, especially to Kauai.

We saved almost 18 months for this trip... something which gave us hope during the long months of hard work. You could say we dangled the carrot of “relaxation” in front of our noses as motivation to get through the 24/7 workload that plagued us this past year, at work and at home. The last few months leading up to vacation were so exhausting we did not even think we had the energy to pack or even GO on vacation! BUT, BUT, BUT, we did.... Thank the good Lord. All the time we spent saving, planning, working for and eventually flying over to Hawaii, made it all worth it. Hawaii is absolutely amazing, gorgeous (especially Kauai) and we firmly believe we are now the official spokespersons for the Islands. If you want to see Heaven on earth, travel to Kauai. You definitely will not be disappointed.

We ate, swam, drank, toured and zip-lined our way through the Islands and took it all in. Some of our favorite places were the Koloa Rum Company (for goodness sakes we went there three times), zip-lining, helicopter ride, the rain forest (even though it rained all day), the lava tube and Waimea Canyon (which is a must see). The Canyon trip was pretty fantastic if you can deal with the altitude. Driving up the mountain and, through the trees, you get a glimpse of a canyon that equals the Grand Canyon in majesty (just happens to be a bit smaller). :)

More importantly, we got to spend time with Mom, Dad, Heather and Bryan. Memories that will forever be embedded in my heart and a song that will never be out of my head...



At 2:26 PM, Blogger Wendy said...

I found you via the next blog button that I'm so addicted to. I lived on Kauai and birthed my soon to be 9 yr old in Lihue. That island is pure magic. I shall retire there someday.... perhaps you'll be my neighbor!

Lovely Blog!


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