Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My faith – my belief, is where my power comes from. I have a big problem with two things in my life, patience and resting. Don’t even get me started with being patient but REST is a four letter word to me. Seldom will you catch me doing absolutely nothing. I am a professional multi-tasker. Even at work, I find I rarely make time to go to the restroom let alone take a real lunch break. By the time I get home, I have a list that seems like a mile long that needs to get done and then I have my studies to do (which is an absolute must). :)

I envy those who can handle downtime. This isn’t to say that I don’t find myself dealing with times that I am tired or worn down and I NEED to take a rest. That is different. I am talking about day-to-day life. This year I promised myself that I would take it easy on myself and “learn” about balance… something I have unsuccessfully tried to accomplish in years past. This year is different. I can feel it, deep down.

The difference. It is my faith. I feel closer to God than ever before. My prayer life has picked up which has made me, shall I dare say, a bit calmer too…which believe me, is HUGE. :)

Which brings back to patience. I am NOT good at it and I am scared to ask God to give me patience. I have heard horror stories of how He has taught people patience. I don’t want to burden myself with that. :) But I do need to learn it, one day at a time.

Until I completely learn all about tolerance and patience, I will pray that Kevin & I are making the most of our time, finances, faith, abilities, responsibilities, etc. and make sure that our lives are balanced with enough time for Christ, for each other, for others, as well as rest and restoration.


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