Monday, September 28, 2009

Such A Simple Chick :)

I am a simple chick at heart. Nothing fancy dancy, no high maintence for me baby! I definitely like the simple things in life and I proved it this past weekend at Costco. You know how it is if you frequent Costco, they will carry a certain item and then all of a sudden it is gone, it disappears and you hope that they bring it back. Well, this Saturday IT happened. As we were walking towards the produce area, there it was, in all its splendor, sitting there waiting for me to visit.

Celery my miracle food. :)

What was hilarious about this particular scene in the day and the life of Kevin and E was simultaneously, Kevin said “hey, there is your celery” while I shouted “Ceeeeeeeeeeeeleeeeeery.” I do believed I embarrassed my poor hubby!

What can I say. I like the simple things in life...even if it does make my hubby’s ears burn a little red at times. :)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

In His Glory...We All Will Run A Little Faster :)

My Labor Day Weekend started with a bang and it was full of emotions. Something I never expected. For the first time in my life, I ran a 5K. I didn’t plan on it, I didn’t train for it, it just happened. On the way home one day after work, I noticed a banner that was displayed at the entrance of our subdivision for a 5K which would benefit the local Youth Ministries. I thought “I should run it, but I don’t have time.” And that is how the excuses started to flow, it is extremely EASY to make up excuses not to do something. Forgetting about it was much easier said than done.

I thought back to the beginning of the year when I said one of my goals this year was to, in fact, run in a 5K. Then I thought, well, I haven’t trained for one. Which was quickly followed up with that OTHER voice (you know the good one) in my head telling me I was in excellent shape to run it with no issues. So now what was my excuse? Well, I didn’t register in time! I finally told God if He wanted me to run in it, then to show me a sign. And that is precisely what He did, three of them in fact! :) I guess He knows how hard-headed I can be.

My first sign appeared at work when I received from our wellness coach a waist pack, which is designed for runners to use to place their keys, driver’s license, etc… in while they are out running. I thought the sign was a little weak so I said “not good enough, I need another sign.” Later that evening, I took Remy out for a walk and attached to our door was a flier with LATE registration forms for the 5K. I conceded and said “Okay, Lord if this is what you want me to do, then I will do it, BUT you are going to have to wake me up because I don’t plan on setting my alarm to go run a 5K at the crack of dawn.” Lo and behold, I woke up bright and early Saturday morning, jumped out of bed, got my running gear on, SURPRISED the heck out of Kevin, grabbed a protein bar and a bottle of water and a way I went. Headed for my first 5K EVER.

I never looked back from that point on. Game on… I always did love a challenge.
The course itself was pretty tough, a lot of hills and rough terrain. However, everytime I felt myself running low on energy, I looked up and reminded Him that He sent me out there and I immediately got another boost of energy. Was it easy? No, but I was beyond thrilled that I followed His command and ran it. The volunteers stationed throughout the course were amazing. Cheering me on when I needed it the most, especially the last grueling hill right before the finish line. That part of the race was my favorite. 100s of people lined up and cheering JUST for you! Aaah, the flood gates opened and I was full of emotion. I didn’t cry until I got home and hugged Kevin. Then the tears didn’t stop and you betcha I was planning my next run!

So as I plan my next race and the goals I want to accomplish in the future, I will evaluate my attitude, monitor my motivation, and follow the exhortation given by the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 10:31. "So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."