Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bent Out of Shape

Many times in our chase for excellence, achieving our goals and trying to live our life, we do not take the time to realize the impact our behavior has on others, both good and bad. Maybe because we are struggling in our own lives or have our own pain and frustrations to overcome, sometimes we do not put enough effort into being a blessing to others. Look, we all make mistakes, some of them good, some of them right down bad, but most of the time, we learn from them, which is the bottom line. Right?

Have you ever tried to give out advice when it wasn’t necessarily wanted or needed? And when you were told it wasn’t needed, you got your nose all bent of shape BUT when asked why you were acting a certain way (or why you have your nose so bent out of shape), you blamed it on somebody else or that you weren’t feeling well on that particular day. Did you realize that you ended up hurting that person’s feelings? Or did you even stop to think about that? The things that make me go hmmmm?

So let me ask you this. Do you treat others with kindness and respect regardless of your differences? Do you use the old saying do unto others as you would have others do unto you? Do you practice empathy and compassion when interacting with others regardless of your background? If not, perhaps you should start by praying for others’ needs and wants (instead of your own) and ask God how you can be a blessing to others. From my own experience, the rewards are greater than words can explain! It also will help you to understand and overcome struggles in your own journey each day and move you closer to your pursuit of excellence.

Never underestimate the power of your actions. With one small gesture you can change a person's life. For better or for worse. God puts us all in each other's lives to impact one another in some way. Look for God in others. Be a blessing to someone today!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Crazy Busy Kind of Life

Guess I should start out by saying…… Happy August one and all! Wow - can that be right? It’s really August? Already? WOWZERS.....

You may or may not have noticed that I have been posting a little less. I thought about saying I am sorry! but then I realized that I would be apologizing for living life and that would be oh so crazy! So no apologies, just know that our life is, indeed, extremely busy.

We have a to-do list a mile long and that is no exaggeration. We have been sprucing up the house, painting, re-organizing, getting rid of the old, bringing in the new and taking care of some broken bones. Yes, you heard that right broken bones…. Becher broke his foot 5 weeks ago and I broke my toe last week. Becher has been a real trooper through all of this…in fact, yesterday he was relieved from his cast and now is on “light duty.” Yeah! I, on the other hand, have a few more weeks to go before I can resume my running schedule. DRATS!

But even with broken bones and our busy lifestyle, life continues to be good. God has been doing a good work in our life over the past few years. Our heart and dreams have been expanded to broader horizons. There is so much we want to do which really leaves us little time for much else other than focusing on our future together.

Even with God’s plan, He also expects us to renew and re-energy our spirit and soul and wants us to have some downtime, which is exactly what we plan on doing. Over Labor Day, we plan on visiting with Kevin’s parents in Ohio with a group of friends and then at the end of October and the first week of November we will be heading to HAWAII. So excited about spending time with Kevin and his family for two whole weeks in paradise. :)

Planning on coming out of my “chicken-shell” and going on some adventures. :) But most of all, I am ready to make memories with my wonderful family, share laughs and capture all the moments that I can.

Until next time….. Coutu out! :)

The Love of My Life

Kevin, thank you for being the best husband ever imaginable. You make my life a living fairy tale and fill my days with bliss... I love you with all that I am. I love our special inside jokes, our funny made-up words, our talks over meals, our working around the house days, the little traditions we have made along the way, our romantic evenings, and our passion for each other.

Simply put, I love us!

I am yours always and your mine forever and I am looking forward to our future together.

I love you!