Thursday, November 03, 2011


I have a hard time with people who judge other people. Quite frankly, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Do you like to be judged? I certainly do not and believe as a Woman of Faith that I should embrace everyone I meet without passing judgment.

Some of us are so quick to judge others for doing the same things we have done in the past. A person who seems at a low point may in fact have worked very hard to overcome hardship to even reach this level in their life. We never know what adversities a person has conquered or what trials they have been through. It is not OUR place to judge.

This does not mean we should be so open-minded that we blindly accept anyone or everything we hear. We cannot judge a person, but we can judge their actions. Even when people make mistakes, we can still see the best in them, love them, and care for them in spite of their mistakes. It is called unconditional love. We do not have to condone their actions. Not at all, but we do need to love them. Just like our children. We know their flaws, yet we love them unconditionally! Right??? :)

So before you start judging one another, think about this. Only God can truly judge a person, and His judgment is unique to the individual, not based on a formula. God knows. God sees. God honors those who honor Him.